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The site that is based upon creativity, the union of feeling, imagination and the need of expressing the truth of the unconscious, which speaks to us in ways that go beyond words. In our site you will be able to get in touch with several artists from around the world and enjoy their work, which consists of paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphics. You will also be able to share your own thoughts with us and communicate with your favourite artists. We are here to share with you our love and appreciation of art in all its forms in an attempt to learn together about its psychological aspects. Help us escape the everyday continuum using as a tool the valuable effects of creation, which has always been the balance that people needed and searched for, throughout history of time. Let's travel together and spread the authentic works of art all over the world getting in touch not only with the people that create it, but also with those who know how to appreciate art and are in a constant search in order to learn and enjoy through that journey that only art can offer. A journey that begins from peoples' need to create and ends deep within our souls; the very place where art derives from..