• Marcelo Pérez Candini, Braque Gallery of Art in the Metropolitan Museum. April 22-May 3, Buenos Aires Argentina.

  • Tasos Pavlopoulos, Raptomichanika, March 23-May 8, Kalfayan Galleries, Charitos 11, Kolonaki, Athens.

  • Faces of Modernism, March 12-May 9. Painting in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Institution of Figurative Arts and Music Theocharakis, Basilissis Sofias 9 and Merlin 1, Athens.
  • Aspa Stasinopoulou, April 16-May 15, Benaki Museum Piraeus 138 and Andronikou, Athens.

  • Robert Slingsby and Sue Williams, April 15-May 15, Genesis Gallery Charitos 35, Kolonaki, Athens.

  • Tonia Nikolaidi, 1947-2010, April 23-May 23, Palace Evnardou, Ag. Konstantinos 20, Athens.

  • Miró of Majorca in the Greek World, February 22-May 30, Greek World Theatre, Ismene and Ifigenia rooms, Piraeus 254, Tavros, Athens.