Stefan Backer

I am a Palestinian with German nationality. I was born 1954 in Hams / Syria. In 1974 I migrated to Germany and live since then in Wuppertal. With regard to my occupation is to be said that I am a qualified welder and was active till present as a coach driver and technical draftsman with the Wuppertaler Public Utilities (Wuppertaler Stadtwerke WSW). Early in my childhood was observed and discovered, that I had a talent for drawing and painting. Since this early time I have developed this ability as an autodidact.

The winding paths of the destiny and the life led me at the young age of 20 years from Syria to the Federal Republic of Germany, Wuppertal. Since 1995 the main focuses of my artistic work are the presentation of historic sites of the city of Wuppertal and calligraphic drawings adapted from the suras of the KORAN. For my glass painting I have developed own technology drawing with "toothpick" and "sewing needle".


2001 On the occasion of 100 years Suspension Railway presentation of a big model mosque and „Wuppertal upon glass“ Wuppertal - Vohwinkel

2002 „United Wuppertal“ (Wuppertal upon glass) Wuppertal – Elberfeld, Cityarkaden 2003 „Wuppertal upon glass“ Wuppertal – Elberfeld, Cityarkaden

2004 „Sitting art“ „Wuppertalsofa“ Wuppertal – Elberfeld, Cityarkaden

2004 „Wuppertal upon glass“ Wuppertal – Ronsdorf, Stadtteilbüro

2004 Art upon glass Wuppertal – Barmen, gallery „Living Town“

2005 Art upon glass Historische Stadtansichten und Kalligrafien Wuppertal – Barmen, Verwaltungsgebäude Wuppertaler Stadtwerke

2006 Wuppertal - pictures of the city (historic sites)) Wuppertal – Barmen, Lichthof im Rathaus

2007 Art upon glass on the occasion of dismissal of labour director Reiner E. Hübner (WSW) Wuppertal – Elberfeld, historic cityhall