Bob Allen

Having had no formal training or artistic background, my introduction to the world of sculpture was by accident, rather than design. Whilst recovering from major surgery I began chopping wood to regain strength and develop stamina. I was soon carving unique wooden pieces to order - and quickly realised that creating sculptural forms was the most satisfying, wonderful work I had ever done.

I began to receive enquires about the availability of castings, which prompted me to learn about mould making. I started producing small castings in bronze and copper resin and then became involved in scaling my work for placement in gardens and larger homes. In July 2000 I became a full-time sculptor. I have received no grants or financial support of any kind. My sole source of income is that generated by the sale of my work. My confidence progressively grew as the sculptures increased in size and I became keen to take the next step into foundry bronze. In 2002, Canary Wharf Group commissioned me to produce “It Takes Two” for their landmark building, One Canada Square. This was followed by “All Clear”, a 9ft bronze, unveiled by the Countess of Wessex at Benenden Hospital in Kent; and “Go” a 6ft copper resin that stands in Stratford, East London – adjacent to the 2012 Olympic site. Most of my work is greatly influenced by nature and tends to incorporate the flowing curvaceous elements of the human form. My work is constantly developing and the scale of the sculptures has increased accordingly; they now range from 14” to 42ft. This is not however the case with “Elektron”. Weighing 10 tons and standing at 42ft in height – it is my largest piece to date. Sited adjacent to East India Dock railway station, “Elektron” is my first sculpture in stainless steel. Stainless steel proved to be a very challenging medium, but it has further expanded my thinking. I hope it will pave the way for future commissions, which could possibly incorporate a combination of bronze and steel. The range of mediums and materials I use has rapidly expanded and developed to meet client requirements and now includes: Wood; Bronze; copper and aluminium resins; Foundry bronze; Mild steel and stainless steel. I feel very fortunate to have - by total chance - discovered my passion in life. To be able to make a living doing what I love is a truly wonderful thing. I feel I am very fortunate to have this opportunity. Having produced many pieces for private collectors, I am looking to expand my portfolio of public sculptures and am totally committed to succeeding in this area.