Nathan Beatty

“The painter of the future will be a colorist the like of which has never been seen.” Vincent Van Gogh 1889 These words were written in a letter to Theo van Gogh and in my mind they were written to me and for me, my hopes and dreams and passions are to combine colors and textures and light in a way that has not yet been explored, to create the movement and energy that is within us and without us at all times...

...whether we are dreaming or aware, my wish is to communicate these energies and emotions on a spiritual plane without the language of words by using the language of thought and feeling in such a way that you viewing the painting enter in to the colors and the textures of the wonder that is our universe, welcome to a new place, a place of magic and joy, a place where your imagination can run free over landscapes populated with blue trees and orange people and purple clouds, a place unencumbered by reality and whatever box you may have been trying to survive in, welcome, my friend, to the realm of the alchemy and color, join me here and please enjoy your visit, love,

Nathan Beatty.

I myself am the matter of my painting.