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John Mclaughlin

He was born in Detroit Michigan in 1954. He is a completely self taught artist and have been creating and drawing all his life. He has displayed his work in many juried shows and galleries around the country. His first solo show was in Canton Michigan in 1983. He has received many awards and his work is in many prominent art collections around the world.

His working method combines his subconscious, or spirit, along with more deliberate thought out mark making. In a childlike manner, his scribbles and lines are made. In a more conscious manner, representational drawings are made, showing both man made and natural forms. His drawings and paintings are a manifestation of a life long observation of the world around him filtered through his emotions. He believes the viewer should interpret his work any way they like. What it means to him may be different for them. To him this is the intrigue of abstract art. Most of his work begins with an ivory coloured background, on either paper or canvas. He then layer on drawings and paints over a period of time using crayons, graphite pencil, coloured pencils, oil and acrylic paint along with pasted on paper cut outs.