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Shahab Tolooie

He was born in 1956 in Teheran. He moved in Franch in 1979 with a fierce will to keep his freedom to think, Tolooie has used a 1001 chalks, brushes, paints and other tools necessary to the process of creation. His inspiration is drawn from the fire of ancient and modern painters that came from the four corners of the Earth. Equally inspired by the ‘Joy of Living’ and the spiritual qualities of Khayam and Epicurus, he uses exquisite colours that radiate energy, musical notes and freedom of movement.

When Louis Toffoli, a famous French artist, bought Tolooie’s work, it signalled a turning point. From then on, Tolooie becomes well established in South East France and shows in Germany, Switzerland and California. He currently teaches fine art near Lyon, France. Tolooie believes that the Art of Painting holds no barriers and that his work reconnects somewhere with the whole world in its universality and in search for supreme pleasure.


Festival Watercolorists Bagnols
Meeting watercolor SFA ISLE ADAM
Casino Grand Cercle Aix les Bains 73100
Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain (GMAC) Paris, Place de la Bastille
Workshop Door Opened early December Savigneux
Guest of Honor of the 55th, Hall of Friends of the Arts
Bridge Cheruy Isere Chateau Grammont.
Grand march D'Art Contemporain Place de la Bastille Paris
Workshop Door Opened early December Savigneux
Prizes in various exibition since 1983 including:
1st Prize International Salon XXII of the Canadian Society of Watercolour (Canada) in 2005
Jury member and guest of honor at various Painting exhibition
Member of the SFA, the French Society of Watercolour.
Acquisition of my watercolor work by Louis TOFFOLI, in Painting exhibition (La Chaise-Dieu), France.