Margarita Papasideri

Margarita Papasideri was born in Athens, in 12 of February 1969. She has lived in USA and Great Britain and obtained a BSc in Psychology at Goldsmith’s University of London. Since 2003 she lives and works in Greece. She studied under the guidance of Iraklis Parcharidis and has been painting for several years. She participated in DEPAK's group exhibition in 2008.


Giorgos Giannou

Giorgos Giannou

He was born in Greece in 1959. He has been painting and making sculptures as well as artistic constructions since  1989. He studied painting under the guidance of Giannis Adamakis at DEPAK. He has participated at several group exhibitions.


Iraklis Parcharidis

1956 He was born in Kokand, Former Soviet Union.

1966-1973 Art studio.

1976-1980 Highest School of Fine Arts in Alma Ata.

1980-1982 Post Graduate Studies at the Painting Department. Moscow. 1990 Permanent residence in Greece.


Yiannis Kadras

Yiannis Kadras

He was born in 1962 in Taskendi and he graduated from High School of Fine Arts in 1976 and from 1985-1990 from the Highest School of Fine Arts with scholarship. He lives and works in Greece since 1993. He has exhibited his work in many individual and group exhibitions.


Youri Pavlov

He was born in Moscow in 1964. He is involved in Painting and Graphics. He graduated in 1986 from the Printmaking Department of the State College of Art Education. He has been a member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1988. He received a grant from the Russian Union of Artists (1989-1991). He has exhibited his work in many individual and group exhibitions.


Yiannis Kiriakidis

He was born in Kaspi of Georgia in 1940. He studied at the local University of Arts in Moscow and from 1961-1965 he worked as a Drawing Teacher at the High School Taldi-Courgan in Kazakstan. From 1962-1967 he studied at the Highest School of Fine Arts L.B.O.F in Ucrania and after his graduation he worked as a professor in the Highest School of Fine Arts in Taskendy. From 1971-1991 he worked as an Art Director at the State Publishing House of Taskendy. He lives and works in Greece since 1991. His work can be found at several museums and private art collections.


Naira Altounian

She was born in Erevan of Armenia in 1966. Between 1992 and 1995 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia with specification in History of Art. In 1995 she moved to Greece with her family. From 2004 to 2008 she has participated in many group exhibitions such as: “Periplanisi” gallery, Cultural Centre of Voula, Tzimas gallery, and etc.


Evgeny Severukhin

He was born in Russia. He graduated in 1986 from the Printmaking Department of Moscow State Pedagogical College. He has been a member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1992 and in 1997 he became a member of the International Federation of Artists. He lives and works in Greece since 2003 and he is involved in Painting, Drawing as well as Graphics. He has exhibited his work in many individual and group exhibitions.


Dimitris Flegondof

He was born in 1957 in Saint Petersburg. In 1974 he graduated from Artistic Lyceum, Saint Petersburgand in 1979 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg. From 1987 to 1990, under the tutoring of Zagonek, he continued his studies in the Postgraduate Painting Department.


Charalambos Papadopoulos

Charalambos Papadopoulos was born in 1952 in the city of Krasnoyarsk, in Siberia. In 1974 he studied Painting in the Krasnodar Academy of Art. After his graduation in 1978 he continued his education in Peterburzhsky Academy of Arts. Since 1991 lives and works in Greece. He has participated in many exhibitions.


Athos Zacharias

I am involved in computer manipulations of Pop images assembled into collages and painted on canvas. My images are culled from popular media – magazines most commonly – and my paintings have a surreal tone. Still, my subject matter remains rooted in the spatial traditions of modern, abstract painting. Indeed, throughout my career I have had a preoccupation with spatial ambiguity. I would say that this idea – the dynamics of uncertain perception, of positive and negative forms within a restricted depth of space – links my work over the past 40 years.


Christopher Ruess

He was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He graduated in 1978 from Washington University St. Louis, School of Art, BFA, Painting. Was an Adjunct Professor at Washington University School of Art, 2001/2002. He currently lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.


Cliff Warner

Cliff Warner was born in England in 1961. 1981-1984 BA Fine Art Hons (painting)Liverpool Polytechnic (now called Liverpool John Moores University) UK 1980-81 Art Foundation North Staffordshire Polytechnic UK. The initial use of the figure as the prime subject for my artwork began from academic life drawing sessions at my local art college.Over time I have had an interest in expressing my figurative art in various styles & formats. I prefer to paint in acrylic & to use a limited palette.



Marilena Chroni

She was born in Athens in 1974. In 1992 she graduated from the TEL of Sibitanideios in the sector of Applied Arts with speciality in yalografia - psifidografia. She participated in acting, dancing and painting courses. She has studied graphic design and worked in several editorials. She is currently involved with what she really loves -painting and particularly mixed techniques.


Sinisa Prvanov

He started his studies at the Academy for Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, 1988. He finished studies 1993 and took Master of Interior design. February 1994 he took IKEA Grant from IKEA Foundation, Amsterdam, Holland. The same year, he started his Postgraduate studies at National Technical University of Athens, Greece, under the mentorship of prof. Georgios Parmenidis. He took PGD of Interior design and furniture 2000. Last 15 years he's living and working in Athens, Greece. In 2004 he founded the “Art Matters” company for interior design and decorative painting.


Stefan Backer

I am a Palestinian with German nationality. I was born 1954 in Hams / Syria. In 1974 I migrated to Germany and live since then in Wuppertal. With regard to my occupation is to be said that I am a qualified welder and was active till present as a coach driver and technical draftsman with the Wuppertaler Public Utilities (Wuppertaler Stadtwerke WSW). Early in my childhood was observed and discovered, that I had a talent for drawing and painting. Since this early time I have developed this ability as an autodidact.


Alessandro Passerini

Alessandro has been a painter for a long while and from more than ten years he's been an active performer and expert both of visual arts and of plastic arts. He received the title of 'Mastro' in Versilia, where he developed as a performer while working for contemporary and other artistic companies. Alessandro has been an arts lecturer in several public and private schools and he is in charge of the development of the visual identity of different artist and musicians in Italy. 


Bob Allen

Having had no formal training or artistic background, my introduction to the world of sculpture was by accident, rather than design. Whilst recovering from major surgery I began chopping wood to regain strength and develop stamina. I was soon carving unique wooden pieces to order - and quickly realised that creating sculptural forms was the most satisfying, wonderful work I had ever done.


Emanuele Dascanio

Emanuele DAscanio was born in Italy, in Garbagnate Milanese, near Milan in 1983. He now lives in Senago, where he has a studio and paint. After graduating from art school, he worked alone for 5 years, then was taken as the assistant of a famous Italian painter: Gianluca Corona. Gianluca Corona taught Emanuele DAscanio the oil technique of the great old masters of the Renaissance. Emanuele DAscanio won prizes in painting in northern Italy, including a prestigious national painting prize: Le Segrete Di Bocca.


P. John Burden

Visual arist P. John Burden is a classically trained Canadian and British subject. Burden's work includes original acrylic paintings, watercolour paintings, and traditional and modern artist’s prints. His art is symbolic or surrealist, using representational skills from a lifetime of drawing, painting, & design.John Burden also illustrates books for all ages and has work in collections worldwide.


Michael Fared

A student of Artist Husni Abu Kriem (Amman, Studio 11, 1990-2000) Diploma of Fine Arts (Amman, Fine Arts Faculty, 1986-1988). Madaba Art Gallery Owner & Director


Gagik Altounian

He was born in Erevan, Armenia in 1957. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts ‘Terlemezian’ in Erevan and then at the University of Fine Arts of Armenia with a specialty in Sculpture and Painting. He completed his Masters Degree, with a scholarship, at the Academy of Fin e Arts in Moscow. He lives and works in Greece since 2000. He has exhibited his work in many individual and group exhibitions.


Nathan Beatty

“The painter of the future will be a colorist the like of which has never been seen.” Vincent Van Gogh 1889 These words were written in a letter to Theo van Gogh and in my mind they were written to me and for me, my hopes and dreams and passions are to combine colors and textures and light in a way that has not yet been explored, to create the movement and energy that is within us and without us at all times...


Didier Franco

He was born in Medellin, Colombia in 1974. He studied at the Escuela Popular de Arte E.P.A. between 1996 and 2002. From the beginning his work has been figurative with a strong influence of Expressionism and Fauvism. He lives and works in Medellin since 1996. Since the late nineties, He speaks of a lively, moving, chaotic even through the stimulation provided by the architecture, culture, everyday life and the lives in each of its houses and its streets, showing us how dynamic that can be each of our cities. He has exhibited his work in many individual and group exhibitions. He currently lives and works in his hometown, Medellin.


Marcelo Perez Gandini

He was born on 13 June 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied drawing, sculpture, painting and stage design. He teaches art history and art classes in his own workshop. Participated in over 150 exhibitions, meeting rooms and contests. He serves as a juror in the Photo Gallery Braque and Nucleo de Arte. And as international jury in Colonia, Uruguay and Chile. His works are in private collections in Argentina, USA, Italy, Mexico, Israel, Venezuela, Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Morocco, etc..


Maurizio Barraco

Maurizio Barraco was born in Palermo, Italy In 1991 he obtaines a BACHELOR in Fine Arts and Fine Arts AABB in Palermo. Multimedia artist and video art, emphasizing to the life of society ', the problems of society', the feeling of our society, 'his conceptual art is different between an abstract figurative  and a conceptual' design.


Helidon Haliti

The artist is similar to the river that cannot find rest but continues to flow in search of the sea …; but differently from the river that streams from the height towards the down, the artist overflows towards the peaks; he doesn’t descend, but climbs toward the height of the human spirit, heart and mind, extending himself all over the cosmos and all over the human micro cosmos. The artist accepts neither limits, nor rest; he occupies always new lands …; he is always in movement and searching …


Gines Serran

He was Born in Ceuta, Spain. He studied Anthropology and Archaeology at New York University and obtained eight Scholarships. He combined Art and Anthropology and did field work in the Sierra of Grazalema (Cádiz, Spain) His art (paintings, sculptures, ceramics) can be found in many countries and he has obtained several awards.


Michele Panicali

Michele Panicali was born December 25, 1965 at Fano, where he currently lives. In 1984 he obtained a diploma in Art Institute Apolloni Sec. Panicali paints continuously since 1994 and his first exhibition was in Riccione in 1995 followed by many individual and group exhibitions over the years. A figurative painter with a personal dream and a surreal vision. Dott.Guido Ugolini, an art historian and essayist in 1995 wrote for Panicali: Really amazing painter with a capacity for synthesis and staggering strength and plasticity even for the violent forms.


John Mclaughlin

He was born in Detroit Michigan in 1954. He is a completely self taught artist and have been creating and drawing all his life. He has displayed his work in many juried shows and galleries around the country. His first solo show was in Canton Michigan in 1983. He has received many awards and his work is in many prominent art collections around the world.


Juan Axato

Visual artist Juan Axato( Juan Andrés Torres) was born in Seville, Spain, in 1974. Actually he lives in Lora del Río, near Seville, where he has got his studio and works. "Axato", is the pseudonym which is taken from the old roman name of the village where he lives since he was a child, Axati( Lora del Río). He studied Fine Arts at Seville University and he has got a lot of influences from informalism and abstract expressionism up to lyrical abstraction.


Richard Barry

Richard Barry started his formal education in the mid 1970's at Plymouth School of Art in the UK, where he was taught by Alexander Mackenzie, a member of the 'St Ives' group. He subsequently attended Stoke-on-Trent School of Art, gained a degree, and then moved to London, working for varied clients in advertising and editorial illustration. At the end of the 1990's he returned to fine art, and has since been producing numerous paintings and drawings, together with commissioned portraits. His studio and home is a converted chapel in Cornwall.


Shu Ling Chou

Shu Ling Chou was born in 1959 and majored in Chinese literature in university. She studied art at
Taipei fine art museum for many years as well as photography, oil painting, water color painting,
Chinese painting etc. She has also studied sculpture and nude sculpture at a community university.
She experiments with materials using mediums like card paper, pictures, clay, iron wire, drawing,
but also with meditation and with the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness.


Vincent Brown

Multi award winning Artist Vincent Brown is based in the south west of England and produces figurative art relating to the human form, predominately the painted portrait. His work has won him much acclaim and has been exhibited at some of the most prestigious portrait exhibitions in recent years, including the BP Portrait Awards and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.


Shahab Tolooie

He was born in 1956 in Teheran. He moved in Franch in 1979 with a fierce will to keep his freedom to think, Tolooie has used a 1001 chalks, brushes, paints and other tools necessary to the process of creation. His inspiration is drawn from the fire of ancient and modern painters that came from the four corners of the Earth. Equally inspired by the ‘Joy of Living’ and the spiritual qualities of Khayam and Epicurus, he uses exquisite colours that radiate energy, musical notes and freedom of movement.


Gustavo Alberto Anrather

Gustavo Alberto Anrather, a self-taught sculptor and builder of Neuquen (Argentina) Neuquen, was born on 11 February 1976. At an early age he started working in wood carving and drawing as a hobby projecting his creativity in different materials and various techniques.


Lou Ros

"I live and work in Paris. I'm born in 1984. I started to paint when I was a graffiti artist. The relationship between the fixed image and movement really interests me. To captivate the eye by transforming the clear into a blur and the fixed into a movement is an active ingredient in my research. I paint in a very instinctive way. Through the colours, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the painting, I attempt to create works which truly represent bodies in movement without distortion.


Giuseppe Sticchi

"I was born in Naples 02-11-1961 and I come from an artistic family. My uncle taught me to paint and after my diploma I have worked with different groups of artists and since 2000, I am the founder and the president of the Social Cooperative: Sud Art.


Taieb Αyat

I live and work in Heinsberg, Germany I was born in 1967. I studied Fine Arts ABC in Hamburg. I have a great passion for colour, line, sand and composition.


Ariful Islam

Ariful Islam was born in Bangladesh in 1988. He is currently studying Graphic design at the University of Dhaka. In 2009 he won the Samsul Huda Grand Painting award and the 1st Award in Sakoo Watercolor color contest the same year. In 2010 he also won the Best Media Award in Watercolor at the faculty of Fine Arts and he has attended in many Art Exhibitions in Bangladesh.



Sabine Wurz

Sabine Wurz was born in Belgium in 1966.At a very young age she and her family moved to Athens and her passion for drawing arised as she started a small cartoon magazine at school with her friends. She then travelled, lived and worked in many countries, mainly in Greece, Mexico, the U.S., Portugal and Spain and followed art lessons in various private art studios.


Nina Nikonenko

Nina Nikonenko is an Ukrainian artist, working in the field of fine art in the genres of landscape, still life and pictures. She was born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, in 1984. She graduated in 2004 from the Dnipropetrovsk State College of Art, in 2008 from the National Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture with BA degree. In 2010 she obtained an MA degree from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, studio M.Guida. She lives and works in Kyiv.