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Expectation 100x110cm Oil on canvas
Woman with red cat 110x100cm Oil on canvas
Floor 140x150cm Oil on canvas
Road 40x40cm Oil on canvas
Shadows 150x100cm Oi on canvas
Trees 100x75cm Paper, charcoal, pencil
Crossroad 150x160cm Paper, charcoal, pencil
Ffishing104x75cm Paper charcoal pencil
Hospitality 150x130cm Paper, charcoal, pencil
The wish 150x130cm Paper, charcoal, pencil
Resting 31x45x30cm Painted plaster
Home 120x30x32cm Painted plaster
Deep in thoughts 48x43x49cm Painted plaster
Ties 63x30x30cm Painted plaster
The kiss 31x45x22cm Painted plaster




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