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Μισέλ Πανικάλι - Michele Panicali
Rebirth, mixed technique on wood 48x92cm
Rust, Oil on wood 69x65cm
Spring mechanics Oil on wood 70x70cm
Self portret with rat Oil on wood 83x86cm
Trial energy Oil on wood 76x96cm
Rebirth, Acrylic on wood 52x220cm
Tree of life Mixed technique 75x56x240cm
Rebirth Acrylic on wood 62x185cm
No title Oil on wood
Albero, Mixed technique on wood 75x56x240cm
Awakening Smalto 50x60cm
Solo, smalto 50x70cm
The city, smalto 50x60cm
Recovering Oil on wood 57x57cm
Compensation Oil on wood 60x98cm


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