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Waiting for you, 15x12x11, clay
Fall into you I, 30x25x10, clay
My little one, 10x10x10, clay
Sorry for loving you, 35x20x15, clay
Tango, 30x20x15, clay
Keeping your love, 18x15x8, clay
Fall into you II, 30x25x10, clay
Fall into you III, 40x15x25, clay
Shall we dance 20x15x15,clay
You’re not heavy to me, 25x12x13, clay
Swan, 10x10x10, clay
Find true self-love found, 40x15x15, clay
Beginning of love, 10x8x5, clay
Wanna fight 15x13, clay
Where is my tail, 10x10x10,clay


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