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ARTWORKS - Vincent Brown
Artists parents 59x59cm Oil and mixed on board
Anthony Beeson 110x80cm Oil on canvas
Mr Mrs Brown 90x60cm Acrylic on linen
Supper at aardman 90x136cm Acrylic on  wood
Ron Ted 100x70cm Acrylic on board
Nicholas Wulstan  21x14.8cm Oil on copper
Self portrait 2006 9x9cm Acrylic on board
Self-portrait with green 28x22cm Acrylic on board
Untitled artists father 45x15in Acrylic on board
Fly with self portrait 28x19cm Acrylic on board
Father in three movements 30x22cm Oil on board
Alan 35x24cm ballpoint pen on paper
Jon 26x18cm Ballpoint  pen on paper
Lianka  42x30cm Graphite on paper
Mr Hart 100x60cm  Acrylic on board


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